Eternal Spiral, written by Baidha Fercoq at

Eternal Spiral

Eternal Spiral

written by: Baidha Fercoq


Ordered patterns of life
expressed in flowers of light
twirling patterns of DNA
and cosmic galactic display.

But of what import
does this golden ratio play
when math itself
leads us to infinity’s door?

Fractal spirals
replicating at endless scale
could it be enlightenment’s verse
… for life’s never ending tale?


© 2018 Baidha Fercoq All Rights Reserved



The Fibonacci Spiral has been referred to as nature’s universal code. The familiar spiral shape is found in the iconic seashell. For ages, mankind has been fascinated by this repeating mathematical expression in life and many theories abound. This poem suggests such patterns reflect similarity throughout much of life – ultimately revealing the eternal nature of life.

Baidha Fercoq

Baidha Fercoq

Baidha Fercoq has spent her life as a silent observer … seeking to identify a common language spoken by all. Her writings emerge from the fertile grounds provided by a father, whose career immersed the family in various cultural milieus and a mother, whose war-torn life lent greater understanding regarding kindness and sensitivity as we observe natures of struggle, hope and love. Poetry and short stories are her main forms of literary expression.
Baidha has a BS in Healthcare Administration and an MBA in Global Management. She has had multiple poems published in Creative Talents Unleashedand Cyberwit Anthologies. In 2018, Baidha was also nominated by Creative Talents Unleashed as a Pushcart Nominee.
“Gathering pieces of human fabric along the way, time has shown me the very essence of daily struggle contains profound beauty. Our journey, with its many differences, reveals we are more similar than we believe. My writing seeks to give voice to reflections that illuminate universal truths ~ entreating readers to explore their paradigms”.
Baidha Fercoq

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