Fall Wisdom, a poem by Dawn DeBraal at Spillwords.com
Kristian Seedorff

Fall Wisdom

Fall Wisdom

written by: Dawn DeBraal



She wiped her brow as she leaned on the rake.
Gram always told her what falls, “God will take.”
Leaves giving back to the earth whence they came.
Feeding the soil in the autumn’s light wane.

Why waste your time in a matter that blows?
For it shelters the creatures, who hide in the snows.
A yard filled with leaves with more coming down,
She’d have much more fun if she headed for town.

Rake back in storage, she’ll let the snow fly,
Fall in her past, while winter draws nigh.
Remembering the wisdom that old folks speak,
Enjoy life now, extra chores, do not seek.

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