Feeble, Furious Fenris, poetry by Ryan J Morgan at Spillwords.com
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Feeble, Furious Fenris

Feeble, Furious Fenris

written by: Ryan J Morgan


The winter wolf,
Withered, wild, wasted,
Has torn through the door.
Grey-sky maw wide,
Jaws jagged as decay.
Raver, ravenous,
Ravager, ravaged,
Reeking resentment
With blighted bark
And bitter bite.

Lean, lank,
Ribs in relief
Rattling like skeletal trees,
Heaving, seething,
Huffing, puffing,
Bent on blowing the house down,
But now just a hollowed hacking howl,
Sleet-spittled breath
Dank on face and neck.

It shudders spasmodically,
Skittering on cracked hailstone nails.
Raggedy rimy ruff
Shaking scabrous flakes
To drift the floor.
We huddle away from its capricious prowl,
Forced closer to the fire,
Curled cloaked into corners,
Dug deep within duvets
Whilst the wolf growls at our grit.

It is Death, but dying.
It senses its own end.
But it has sufficient strength
To freeze its fear
And coldly hunt us
One last time.

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