X-Ray, poetry by Rebecca Villineau at Spillwords.com



written by: Rebecca Villineau


I imagine the tumor
As if it hugs the heart
Transparent against
The night of the body

The mysterious dark of what sits behind the heart
The tumor curves a thick finger around
As if,
Taking it suddenly from the chest
Reaching a hand upon the table

The doctor does not see this
He studies the x-ray
He sees the trees
The branches make a sound

They creak and roll over
Reposition themselves against the glow
Of the darkening sky
He has yet to see me

Where I stand
One can blend into the evening and hold their breath
I can light this image
In my mind without the machines of the doctor

Over here, I can still see you
A row of flowers lining the sill
The branches snapping underfoot
As I come to meet you

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