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There is something to be said for staying on your own side of the fence. Alliances and pacts being drawn up by many nations will be, as are all fences with time, broken. Some beyond repair.

Human nature and convention, dictate pride of neighborhood, town, city, state and country. Whenever we feel threatened our tendency is to put up our defenses. We strengthen and repair our fences to secure our homes, land, language, culture and flag. Yes, flag! It is what identifies our place of birth.

Human beings need to know they belong; that they come from somewhere. Albeit members of the human race, we cherish our origins. They validate our existence, fill us with pride, and give us a sense of purpose. Love of country is a driving force for most of us, only second to love of family. This is evident in all peoples, of all nations of the world.

We, are foremost and above all citizens of our respective nations although, we can react as citizens of the world when confronted with global humanitarian disaster, epidemic or catastrophe. Our humanity gives us the ability to be empathetic and sympathetic of the plight of others yet we always return to stand under our own flag; our own side of the fence.

As long as we continue to speak a myriad of languages, it is inevitable that we will remain inextricably tied to our respective cultures. There is nothing wrong with this for these are the very differences that give us a sense of ourselves, of belonging and of our own individuality. It  brings diversity to our world and should always be respected.

It is for these very reasons that we must have parameters, delineations, borders … fences. They are indispensable to maintaining peace at all levels; at home and abroad. This has always and will forever be true. It is an indelible and integral facet of our human nature. Robert Frost, a great American Poet and Writer once wrote …

“Good fences make good neighbors.”

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Anne G

Anne G

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