First Fall Rain written by TM Arko at

First Fall Rain

First Fall Rain

written by: TM Arko



The snare drum raindrops beat a gentle rhythm on my roof
And I awoke with thoughts of you
How we would dance and play beneath the precipitating sky
The leaves would bounce as the drops splattered through the trees
And the fallen ones would float like cargo ships through the Panama Canal street gutters
To sink down into the mysterious culverts

The silver water drops are caught upon your hair like pieces of starlight
Gently they fall off your nose while we laugh and search for rainbows
Autumn brown against the dreary grey and the continued drip, drip, drip
When we were young and wandered the slick dark streets holding hands
Catching magic drops upon our tongues

On a sleepy dark tip tap, tip tap rainy day I awoke and thought of you
Of you and me wild and free in the first fall rain
The windy trees, the crisp wet trails and just us
And I smiled

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