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Mother My Fortress

Mother My Fortress

written by: Orutt Kip



If I were hanged on the highest hill
I know whose tears would climb up to me

If they could bury me in the fray of lower world
I know whose love would follow me still

If I were drowned in the deepest sea
I know whose faith would split to calm the storm

If I were damned of body and soul
I know whose prayers would make me whole

If you perdition me to the wilderness of sordids
I know whose voice will be my cardinal hands

If you betray and bury me in mockery
I know whose sacrifice will turn me to a seed

Mother o’ mine, I’ am indebted forever
Your love is the glue keeping me.

My irreplaceable BAE
My placidity
My felicity
My serenity
My phlegm

Orutt Kip

Orutt Kip

I like to think of my life as the unpaid bill and poetry as the pay check.. It does the trick and it's my drug. I love art but I love poetry and I write to breath to my soul and mind.
Orutt Kip

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