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written by: Dr. MOLLY JOSEPH


Two leaves fell
from a wet
drooping branch
when we left
parting ways

Like two fleets of
clouds we floated free
till the rainbow hued
firmament faded.

Two rivers on flow
we separate our ways
only the glazing
lids of dried up rocks
stand as witness.

What shall I give
as something to remember,
except the word “remember”
or another word, “meet”
somewhere, sometime…
a term borrowed
from future, so vague..

fleeting shadows we were,
with no forms,
dancing blissful
while the moving light
played hide and seek

for what is love
a myth we build
with words, moods
that vary and shift
on life’s porous edge,
a bright brittle box
that breaks
on random knocks…

pale like the day that spreads
our dreams do fade
But let not it trot,
our love, lame, over those
valleys so deep…

for eyes though moist
refuse to part
with memories
that flicker, across
times, difficult to trace…

Dr Molly Joseph

Dr Molly Joseph

Dr. Molly Joseph is a professor, poet from Kerala, she has had her Doctorate in Post War American Poetry. Much anthologised, she travels worldwide, writes travelogues, short stories and story books for children. She has published 17 books,13 books of poems, a novel and a story book for children. Her latest work, "Songs of Silence" was released on 14th of May, 2022. She has won several accolades which include Galaxy Award for Experimental Poetry 2019, India Women Achiever’s Award 2020, and the Yannan Gold Medal The Outanding Poet Award from Yanan Literary Society, China 2021. She believes in the power of the word and writes boldly on matters that deal with the contemporary.
Dr Molly Joseph

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