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written by: Courtney Trowman aka CC Bella



Wax petals melt under the brilliant sun and bleed onto a canvas,
the sweet color of hydrangeas.

Enormous blooms of blue, grey and purple...
an elaborate vision recalled on the other side of delirious fevers and verdant urges.

A nearby pile of dismembered boughs are splayed out like wings...
My native tongue is the poetry of rust and stardust so the symbolism is not lost.

My skin smells of a morning swim in the open ocean, a collective unconscious
and it leaves me a witness in converse; real life in the round.

I do not cry at the power at being broken.
I cry at the charm of being healed.

Courtney Trowman aka CC Bella

Courtney Trowman aka CC Bella

Courtney Trowman is a writer, dancer, actor, artist, hippie, yogi, world traveler, music whore, tattoo collector, book nerd, dork in general, Superhero!
Courtney Trowman aka CC Bella

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