The Old Silk Road at by Anne G

The Old Silk Road

The Old Silk Road

Anne G

Original Poetry

Somehow, somewhere we’ve met before.

I feel I know you, can it be?

Maybe? Perhaps? Why, yes it’s true.

Hello, my love, we meet again.

You look past me with empty eyes,

no sign of recognition here.

How can that be, I ask myself.

For I remember you so well.

Your face, your voice

your silhouette;

the sparkle of your

deep brown eyes.

It all began

eons ago,

once upon

the old silk road.

Many moons

have waxed and waned

and in my heart

you have remained

We swore that we

 would meet again

and yet, you don’t

remember me.

I loved you then,

I love you now;

our destinies have

found us here.

The now the here,

the present day;

to have and hold

 forever more.

Search your heart

and surely you will find,

the promise of

 the old silk road.

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