Weapons Down, poetry written by Sophia Behal at Spillwords.com

Weapons Down

Weapons Down

written and performed by: Sophia Behal


I, pointing at you soldier
with my daisy.
I will do it to ya.
I guess daily.

“Dear Sinister
how hard
is it to see, a
a flower?”

“Weapons down,” I say,
Bloody hell,
Breaking the spell.
Prevent a catastrophe!

Soldier after soldier,
Soldiers; “one by one
don’t point the gun.
no more pointer, Soldier!”

at another grail

“I try to point
a weapon at you!
the joint –
a giant –
daisy grew!
Ha, again!
For you.”

Yes, it’s us solving the
guns’ matter,
let a daisy
be the letter.
Yes, it’s growing out the
gun’s barrel better.

So, let the daisies
save the days.
stop never.
Don’t let it be.

Let a daisy save lives, daily.

Sophia Behal

Sophia Behal

Sophia Behal lives her life which is filled with magic and music right now somewhere in Europe. Before that, she lived in the United States. She spends her time going to festivals, writing books/poems and making music and last but not least she has a smile on her face for everyone.
Sophia Behal

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