WINDMILLS, a poem written by TM DiSarro at



written by: TM DiSarro



Windmills at the Isle of Wight

Grinding out a wall of sound

Crashing chords into the night

Hardly ever touch the ground

Frantic Mystic Maniac

Rushing through the sky he sings

The gods applaud as he attacks

Rock rains down the hell he brings

Bass lines rumble out like thunder

Rolling up to heaven’s door

Can’t define the spell he’s under

Drum beats pound the killing floor

Machine gun fills between the space

Slaying notes like dragon scales

Full moon madness in your face

Flaming on in fine details

Microphone flashes like lightning

Spinning on the wings of Eos

Voices piercing words immortal

Screaming out in perfect chaos

Flying like a fool on fire

Guitar cries like banshees wail

Breath of sounds to fuel desire

Creating wind inside his sails

Exploding as the sky is falling

Thrust a question for your name

Rush of ocean voices calling

Drowns the memory of rain

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