Fragility (To Be) poetry written by Sean Hersee at
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Fragility (To Be)

Fragility (To Be)

written by: Sean Hersee


Things are, or they aren’t.
I’d like things to be;
But there’s no in between.
And that’s the way it has to be.

We are, or we aren’t.
As much as I’d like us to be;
We simply aren’t.
And we can try – but it has to be,

In relation to our sanity.
For fragility is life;
Life is fragility.
And acceptance has to be,

For I can’t look back.
I can’t see forward;
All I have is now.
And to have now is to be.

And to be is a privilege.
I can be;
Whatever I want to be.
And this want is to be.

And I will be.
Regardless of life;
Regardless of fragility.
And ignorance is to be,

Something special;
In spite of life’s fragility.

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