GENESIS, a poem written by Nivedita Roy at



written by: Nivedita Roy



Stumbled but I walked
As the time ran out
And I was stalked
By the horrors of failure
Within the wings of dark
Along the servants of annihilators
The men who disembarked
In the world ‘for’ love
In the world ‘of’ lirt
I walked on
To leave the heart, to leave the hurt.
Beneath my steps
Was ignited abyss
I jumped and walked,
Knowing nothing I had to miss.
As I triumphed at the gate
Of earth and heaven I reached
“Who are you?” The gate questioned.
“And what can you teach?”
Trembling, fragile
As my dying throat now roared
“I let my ice flourish cold, within inferno.
Is anything else, that I cannot preach?”
The gate nodded
But he again backfired,
“What if?” He recollected
“You are, just another human and liar?”
Anguished of journey
I replied, affirmed
“I am a lady, womb of warriors.
Not all humans you see are dire.”
Leaning forward,
His voice was now sheer
“So what..” he questioned again
“If your valour, be some coward’s attire?”
My grey skin, illuminated from core
As I laughed and cried, with the fearless roar
“I, my precious, am a burning ball of fire;
And you can never stop a woman with desire.”
The gate in no time,
Enlightened with the sight of ethereal
“You go, you grow!” he said
“Be the mother, the genesis of this shire.”

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