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Girl In The Mirror

Girl In The Mirror

written by: Janday Lee



Who’s that tearful girl
staring straight at her?
With a pair of puffy eyes
that look oversize
for a petite face
that he once embraced.

“This can’t be…
she’s not me!”
She cries
though she knows the answer deep inside.

She knows, she will surely fall
if she continues to ignore
the pleading girl inside
who has no place to hide.

“I need life anew…
A life without Andrew!”
She tries
to motivate the girl inside.

A life without him
makes her future looks fairly dim.
But she has to move on
’cause he was bygone.

She washes her face,
determines to change her fate.
Getting ready for life’s new race
and the challenges ahead.

With confidence
and new aim,
the girl in the mirror
will never look the same.

Janday Lee

Janday Lee

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Janday Lee

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