Glimpse of the Wild Wild East..., by Nishand Venugopal at

Glimpse of the Wild Wild East…

Glimpse of the Wild Wild East…

written by: Nishand Venugopal



Everybody knows about Pangong Lake in Ladakh, but there is another hidden from travellers treasure named Tso Moriri Lake. Clear sky, clean lake, excellent view of mountains and the experience of a pure village life surrounded by Changthangi goats, horses and yaks make this place look unique for a city dweller. If you enjoy landscape unadulterated in every sense than this is the region you must come to. Let the pictures do the talking, on the way to the Karzok, we saw marmots and Tibetan Wild Ass. Karzok Village gets a limited supply of electricity during the evening, they manage their lives with it. There is an old Gompa in the village that preserves the relics of the second Buddha which are only brought to the view of the villagers during the festival which happens around July/August. The nomadic herdsmen bring their goats to the pastures near Tso Moriri lake. There are guest houses in the village for the travellers, and the villagers are simple and so highly devoted to Buddhist religion that it is said they dedicate one son to the monastery. In the evening to see the sun setting and light falling upon the animals is a beautiful moment that you will cherish. Life is simple yet a constant struggle against the elements of nature, but still in their unique way the villagers are prepared for any eventuality. The bonus for me was while coming back we went to Tso Kar Lake, where I saw the black-necked cranes. Watching a black-necked crane is said to be auspicious according to the people in Ladakh, definitely their presence is an indicator of a healthy eco-system and people near Tso Kar are trying to keep it that way. Journey to these parts will always stay fresh in your mind….

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