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Gold Mind

written by: Illustrious Da Poet


Dig through the abysmal you will find something unique
You’ll find her somewhere in a dwelling where the rarest gold-leaf
Is excavated
Authentically saturated
Heart holds the key to the world
Distinctively pearled
Not frightened of the melting pot
Because, strategically, it’s what shapes her, afterthought
Thirsting for life, abounding
Seek inner standings, outstanding
Deep enough to know where she is undervalued
Be careful, the glistening in her eyes just might entrap you
To her, everything is purposely done
She chisels Mother Nature for truthfulness, diversified in one
She has a way of pickaxing the inmost hillsides of your mind
Mining for stimulation, is how she’s designed
Word Play
She likes to walk bare naked in her mind all day
Since Gold makes the devil dance
She prays that you to see right through her transparent silhouette, by chance
Real gold never fears the pit of fire
With love, she aspires
Gold Mind Never Rust
Even in the midst of chaos and lust
Mental escaper
Elated, she’ll get you in touch with your 6th sense, Mental Taster
Word for Word, she illuminates more than a wild winter bonfire
Dig deep into the mind of her soul, and watch her love transpires

Illustrious Da Poet

Illustrious Da Poet

My Earth name is Nancy. Born and raised in Miami. I have always had a crush with words. Been writing my thoughts and emotions for therapeutic purposes, ever since I was about 9 years old. This Journey had became intense for me to speak my truth, my heart and all of me. Hope I am able to make a difference in your world.
Illustrious Da Poet

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