Spillwords Press Awards 2020

Spillwords Press Awards 2020


Here were the nominees in the Annual Spillwords Press Awards for the year 2019:

Author of the Year

Dilip Mohapatra
Warren Alexander
Gabriela M
Ricky Hawthorne
Henna Johansdotter
Doug Stanfield (Hemmingplay)
Ken Allan Dronsfield
Laura M. Baird
Phyllis P. Colucci
Dawn DeBraal
Jim Bates
Anne G

Publication of the Year (Poetic)

Promise by Lisa Keeble
Musings Of A Canvas by Ayo Gutierrez
Anatomy of A Heartbreak by Henna Johansdotter
A Gift by Luzviminda G. Rivera
The Heart of The Wind by David Dephy
Blood Song by Godfrey Holy & Tanya Rakh
Picture Perfect by Sarmistha Gupta
Silver Lace Cloak by Ann Christine Tabaka
The Breath of Love and Death by Gabriela M
The Secret Beautiful by Ximena Escobar
Lit by Stacy Gardner
Roots by Supriya Rakesh

Publication of the Year (Non-Poetic)

Bodies In The Basement by M. Taggart
Lost & Found by R.E Hengsterman
A Tourist Guide to Banjo, OK by Steven M Baird
From Unexpected Quarters by Mark Kuglin
Jon Snow And Duty As The Death Of Love by Ryan Moran
The Bootlegger by Frank Geiger
Tiny Buildings by Alexander Drake
Magpie by Suzanne Craig-Whytock
Running My Race by Michael Natt
Gettysburg by Fred Miller
Pieces On The Wind by Colleen M. Tice
A Fresh Cuppa Joe by Jim Bartlett

Publication of the Year (International)

Totem by Eliza Segiet
El Manto by José A Gómez
The Wine of The Soul by Hongri Yuan
Occhi Verdi by Francesco Abate
NON-WAITING by Gosha Kulisiewicz
En Un Páramo De Luz by Romulaizer Pardo
I Will Play For You by Irena Ewa Idzikowska
Morning by Janina Osewska
Este Pais No Ha Traicionado by Uslariono
Awakening by Izabella T. Kostka

And here are the winners in the Annual Spillwords Press Awards for the year 2019:

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