Goodbye Saddest World, a poem by Winifred Kijie Odu at

Goodbye Saddest World

Goodbye Saddest World

written by: Winifred Kijie Odu


Goodbye the saddest world
World where we slept with our faces buried in tears
Goodbye to world of pain
World we lived like slaves in their father’s palace

We move with our bags on our shoulders
Our kids on our backs
We move with our lots on our heads
And our hearts in our hands
We move we move
We move to happy world

Someday we will tell our stories
How we fought free for future sake
How we got lose from grip of misery
How we conquered and became princesses
Goodbye saddest world

We move like victims of demolition
But our moving is for transformation
We move like booty of war
But we move for freedom
We move like the exiled
But we move with joy
Goodbye saddest world
For we move to happiness

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