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written by: Jeffrey Dean Gray


Music sounds off from the ghost
It wails, hoping to find others
Or alive
A white tinge remembered
By those who see her
Atop Gravel Mountain lives a sad ghost
A disgrace that no one visits her
Scared of how she looks on the outside
Ignoring how she feels on the inside
Yet, to her, the world is remembered
She sees all nearby mountains
Recalling stories of forgotten people
Impatient, she continues her song
Atop Gravel Mountain lives a sad ghost
Underneath Gravel Mountain
Sleeps her forgotten body
We are scared of how she looks
Underneath Gravel Mountain
She wails, hoping to find friends

Jeffrey Dean Gray

Jeffrey Dean Gray

JEFFREY DEAN GRAY is a CML Award-winning author (A Family Collage, The Josephine Cabin, Breathing Black Rain, An Impression for This Magnet, Ghost of My Winter) born April 4th, 1980 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He currently resides in Church Hill, Tennessee. He spends his days working as a voice-over actor, author, artist, and with his dachshund, Woody.
Jeffrey Dean Gray

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