Grief And Healing written by Gayl Wright at

Grief And Healing

Grief and Healing

written by: Gayl Wright



Grief is strong, coming
at awkward times
not caring about
how I may feel
But healing and light
slip in alongside

Tired and weary with
much to do, but
here I sit on the
front porch swing all
wrapped in hoodie and
blanket trying
to write a few lines

Cold and cloudy, the
sky seems tired, too
Wind blows strong sending
chilly fingers
right through my body
Why am I outside

Picking up my things
journal and pen
I rise to go back
inside where warmth
greets with welcome arms
while I write again

Longing for comfort
I cry aloud
trying to make sense
of everything
Then I remember
God is my stronghold

Gayl Wright

Gayl Wright

Gayl Wright makes her home in upstate South Carolina. Married for over 47 years, mother of 7, grandmother of 14. (Her oldest son is deceased.) Gayl loves to explore new areas of creativity as she crochets, composes poems, writes, art journals and spends time in nature. She is a seeker of truth, looking for beauty in ordinary things. Writing from her heart about all of life, her desire is to encourage others and glorify God. She blogs at Words, Photos and Art.
Gayl Wright

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