Growing Slow written by SMiles at

Growing Slow

Growing Slow

written by: SMiles



When desires, to be pan piped by Morricone
wake, over hung, naked, with a willing beauty
working little, caring less, waving the world from the fast train
hoping to stop at the station called ambition

when money came, leaving elsewhere
life stretched to horizons infinity
tomorrows arrived always, faster and thick
foods fuel, consumed to survive

never meeting a wrinkle, heads hair, full
returning after every cut, inhabiting correct zones
colouring lighter in summer sun, darkening in winter
oblivious to the ambush, awaiting to pounce

drinking noon until dawn, sleeping sound
waking at eight, consuming any food, fried
day dreaming conviction, it to become a reality
believing only boxes are square, and fitting none

women coming, mostly going, onwards moving upwards
knowing truths of life’s future, but never sharing
a realistic life grasp, shallow water holds no fish
only venturing your street, pursuing encounters

preparing a lack of preparation, allowing believe
instigation be spontaneous, never admitting nor requiring
male bravado, becoming a conquest, a vanquished friend
a mere distraction, marginalised to past fleet

left a delusional, consequence of hedonism
trained without feminist respect, and, of your time production
deluded by ignorance and immaturity, eye pleasing and virile
bent hell on consumption of available resources

tough acting Clint, directing an aged kitchen
west earning spaghetti, serenaded by Ennio’s pipes
staring responsibility man, a true story production
presenting times of life, in time for death.

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