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written by: Asoke Kumar Mitra


Passions conspire,
Your silence and loneliness

Innocent uncertain hour
Strangled by the voiceless darkness,

Madness of desire
Sea is endless, so the sky
Wisdom of sunflower
Fireflies and cacti, whispering to each other,
Secret syllables of love-
Between your fingers
Unfinished moments
Wounds of sunflower love
Untamed, disobedient

Often remember your dancing feet
Love has no eyes…
Draped with sensuous moon

Uncertain endless drama continued….


(C) Asoke kumar mitra



shapeless thoughts and fantasies huddled together….

Asoke Kumar Mitra

Asoke Kumar Mitra

Born 1950, from India, Kolkata. A retired journalist. He has keen interest in poetry. His works were published in Ezines and in poetry anthologies. His poems were translated into Italian and Persian. He was editor of Indus Chronicle and Calcutta Canvas.
Asoke Kumar Mitra

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