I Tried To Forget written by Hadrian Hazlitt at Spillwords.com

I Tried To Forget

I Tried To Forget

written by: Hadrian Hazlitt


I tried to forget,
But forgetting reminded me of everything:
How our love vanished
So suddenly, without notice
without knowing how really
it all began.
Then I remember how
you fed me with your lies
that I construed to be
the truth because I believed
in you. But more lies
and lies you showered me with
your rain of deception
Till I was drowned.

I tried to emerge but
still submerged in disappointments,
wishing all of this
was just a dream.

Forgetting is never an escape
for pain,
The pain increases.
The more you try to forget
the more you remember because forgetting is remembering.
And sometimes memories last forever.

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