Haiking Along The Scores, written by Tim Gardiner at Spillwords.com

Haiking Along The Scores

Haiking Along The Scores

written by: Tim Gardiner



The Ravine

down the Ravine
up Cart Score

Cart Score

Gallow’s Score
catkins swing
back and forth

Lighthouse Score

a full moon
climbs the steps
silent movie

Arnold’s Walk

sycamore slope
the gentle drumming
of a woodpecker

Mariner’s Score

Cromwell’s legacy
worn out trainers
and a high arch

Crown Score

crab platoon
among the cobbles
of Lion Score

Martin’s Score

open air sermon
only pigeons

Rant Score

lamp post
the spectral hound
cocks its leg

Wilde’s Score

narrow alley
the wind turbine
a tight fit

Maltster’s Score

tunnel vision
silver skeletons
a ray of light

Spurgeon Score

calm horizon
crinkle crankle waves
line the alley

Herring Fishery Score

a grey spire
the North Sea

Frost’s Alley Score

prehistoric path
extinction by order
of the law

The Score

vicarage garden
no faith in the flood
or the track



Haiku sequence about the historic Lowestoft Scores, one haiku per Score. The Scores are historic trackways from the beach to higher ground in the town.

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