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Dreams For Myself

written by: Satabdi Saha


Just ease and let yourself settle in my dreams.
I'll never ask for more.
It's within the scope of my vision
I love to see you float each day---
Picking up the pulse
Of your entries and exits
With words gliding in and out,
To be birthed on sheets of sunlight
When poetry comes of age.

In between waves of nights and days
I swim, in darkness or in light
Of your gaze; the letters of time, Lost in colours of ecstasy
Tides that flow
Wetting me inside.

Such is the uncharted zones--
My dreamscape, where roaming freely,
With you, deep into my eyes,
I let ourselves play to eternity!
Many times I felt those uncaressed caresses,
Many times our lips touched words but never touched,
While I wallow in, careless of the escaping dark,
And never reaching you--- at all.

Yet I know for sure, these mental clicks
Will survive, as long as my memory is alive.

Satabdi Saha

Satabdi Saha

Author of three publications and poetry, short stories in various other magazines. Published poems and short stories in Bengali and English. Published articles and essays in various magazines. Satabdi Saha is an ex- professor of English in D.A. College, Kolkata.
Satabdi Saha

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