Hallow of Toska, poetry written by Brooke Westgate at Spillwords.com
Khashayar Kouchpeydeh

Hallow of Toska

Hallow of Toska

written by: Brooke Westgate


I find myself a wicked place / Where darkness marked it “home” / These
creatures of an empty space / And I trespass alone. / Lurid hands with
tinge and twitch / An unearthly sight to hold / Invite me in, they do, I guess, /
but what a tattered road. / So I squint into unlit air / and eyes bore back
at me / kept behind limp unkempt hair / and reeking of the bleak. / Take your mask
and try to hide / They’ll tell you they wear two / Once lively, living,
people / Whose bodies they outgrew. / Sobs slip into stifled silence / an
otherworldly obsession / to find a soul in highest peril / and keep him
as a weapon.

/ “I can’t keep my eyes off you” /
faintly whispered in the night / But I have gone and paid my dues
/ So I hand her a knife. /

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