Halloween Essence, written by Phyllis P. Colucci at Spillwords.com

Halloween Essence

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



Pumpkins and scarecrows
Autumn whispers galore
October breezes, orange hues, crisp fallen leaves
and so much more…

“Halloween Essence” riding in on a broom!
Witches and Warlocks
cast spells of great doom
They land at each doorstep
with spell book in tow
Shrieking and screeching
Keeping heads low
Tip-toeing about
Leaving ghastly footsteps behind
Settling down in your home
Possessing your mind

Ghosts and goblins join in
Quite a gang in your space
Taking over your house
Masks of fear on your face
Doors and windows are locked
You are trapped in your bed!
Visions of evil dance in your head!
…Odors of wicked brew – permeate the air
All you can do – – is inhale and beware!

…Ah! But Halloween night
becomes a new day
The sinister gang
has faded away
Until next Halloween
when they ride in on a broom
Right back at your doorstep
with darkness and gloom!



Embrace “Halloween Essence” as it visits each year. It enhances the change from Summer to Fall, and welcomes October with a holiday all its own. Children and adults wait for it each year, and eagerly anticipate its tricks and its treats – with smiles or great fear!!!!

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