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written by: Khurram Nizami



Reviewing past, analyzing present,
incompetence is palpable.
Happiness is there,
mild hopes too.
But go down.
As I proceed.
And someone,
in my inner-conscious,
remarks then.
What have you achieved?
To interpret happiness or success.
No; No; No. Nothing.
Umpteen times, say I.
Turbulent present welcomes,
the frightened future.
And a silver lining, though thin,
but pronounce,
"Life is there, still
happiness and success,
breathes still."

Khurram Nizami

Khurram Nizami

Journalist by choice, but poet by passion. Hailing from Lucknow, India, this is how Khurram Nizami can be defined. Writing since childhood but getting published since college days, feels poem starts by itself and ends by itself. His poems have appeared on different poetic websites, anthology as well as leading newspapers. He was the student editor of his college (EWING CHRISTIAN COLLEGE) magazine at that time affiliated to Allahabad University better known as East of Oxford.
Khurram Nizami

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