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Her Words

Her Words

written by: Renwick Berchild


Through her words, she believes
she can open doors, unfurl an umbrella, dress herself, walk upstairs,

build a subcritical reactor, grow a tree, scrub Fata Morgana
from her eyes, unroll a rug, unbind the sea,

understand the owls, resurrect al-Uzza supreme,
reform her DNA with CRISPR technology,

pour her dead grandmother out the urn and breathe life
back into her, divine the weather, know every spot

on every leopard, rewind time and witness
the Cambrian Explosion, her lover cheat, her very first fall

upon the hard sidewalk, Homo naledi burying their dead deep,
witness the JFK shooting, come back,

spill her ink, fire into the future and spin a new world
from the darkness unerring, give birth to beings,

teach them to be needle workers, carpenters, watch them construct doors,
umbrellas, dresses, stairs, she kills all her creations off,

and she plants trees. She believes
in starting over, the dream, the power of her words.

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