Here's to 2023, prose by Shreya Chauhan at
Moritz Knoringer

Here’s to 2023

Here’s to 2023

written by: Shreya Chauhan


Here’s to the New Year’s resolution makers. Here’s to the panting joggers in new athletic pants, the new weightlifters who refuse to take the lift. Here’s to those armed with new fitness trackers and those on track to record-low carbs. Here’s to the new ex-smokers and ex-soda drinkers, the new ex-procrastinators and people-meeters. Here’s to fresh starts and fuller lives, to willpower and follow-through. Because no matter how long they last before you need to rejuvenate for the next round, there is power in the clarity of knowing what you want, of deciding, of resolving. There is power in setting goals and conceptualizing the future. There is power in the hope and knowledge that you have it in you to make this year different, if only you so decide.

So go ahead: envision greatness. Just don’t forget to give yourself credit for all the little things you’re already doing well. As you focus on your next resolution, those habits have a tendency to silently compound in the background, making you the person you continue to become.

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