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I Am Human

written by: Barbara Deraoui



I am a person

I am alive

I have feelings

I have needs

I am no different than another

I need love

I need care, a home, and sustenance

I want to walk free

To be able to live my life without pain or hurt

At times I am alone

Other times I am not

I am no different than another

I am human

Barbara Deraoui

Barbara Deraoui

Barbara Deraoui (Maxwell) is a former career librarian and executive. She worked in some of the top libraries and media for over twenty-eight years. She also previously worked in the tech and science tech sectors and also managed a former NFL player. She has been writing poetry for most of her life. Her first book: Butterflies and fanciful thoughts was published 10 years ago. She is currently working on a memoir of a special time in her life. She currently lives with her husband in Marrakech along with their cat, Max.
Barbara Deraoui

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