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I Complete Me

written by: Anthony Henderson



I listen, I watch, I hear, I try
All to be better as person and man
I understand, I comprehend, I wonder
I do all the things I think I can

Yet I am work in progress
Not fully all that I should be
Every day striving to be more
Putting it all together to be me

I see, I feel, I know, I touch
All senses looking for the end
I want, I need, I yearn, I desire
Hoping to find the truth within

Yet all things being equal without
I only know one thing  I do see
No matter what I deny or believe
The truth is...I complete me

Anthony Henderson

Anthony Henderson

My name is Anthony Henderson. My writing pieces may have a different styles and methods. I have written other songs and works under the pseudo "AHDpoet" and my true name. I believe writing allows freedom from inside and lets us look back to see where we have been and where we can go..
Anthony Henderson

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