I Could Write, a poem by Mitch Bensel at Spillwords.com
Ainsley Myles

I Could Write…

I Could Write…

written by: Mitch Bensel



i could write of the rising sun
…or tell you of that drop of rain….
maybe wink as i move to touch
..then whisper .. once again of the pain

we could walk along a worn path
dance a step or two
then jump into the air….
and try to feel its blue

i could sing a note if
i could sing..
.. but the laugh of life would follow
..and take us to that dream
my fingers could draw the perfect
..rose into the sky

then blow the petals far
….close our eyes to fly
i could write of passion ooo la la
and the kiss that never
so deep its hold inside us…

yea i could write of this and that
but ..i think i will pass..
because the hour is late
and my bod has a date
…with a wee bonnie lass

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