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I Don’t Know Your Face

i don’t know your face

written by:  William T Fearby


for fifty years i have stood at your side
we shared everything we had nothing to hide
we lived a full life we never really cared
but now when i hold you you act like you’re scared

we talk all the time about the things that we did
we laugh and we joke and act like a little kid
but then you turn to me and say what is this place
why do you keep touching me i don’t know your face

please take me home i don’t like it in here
then the smile on your face turns into fear
i try to console you but the harder i try
you back into the corner and then start to cry

don’t you remember me look at my face
we have been married 50 years this is our place
we moved in to here when we were first wed
now the fear in your eyes has now turned to dread

help me help me somebody please take me home
i don’t like it here please leave me alone
why don’t you listen i can’t stand this place
i don’t know your name i don’t know your face

and then in an instant you turn to me and say
i remember our wedding it was raining that day
you looked so handsome in your suit and tie
my heart felt so proud i started to cry

we danced all night to our favourite band
then you kissed me held me and squeezed my hand
you promised me you would love me forever more
as you carried me off the crowded dance floor

i wish i could remember your kind loving face
the way i treat you i know it’s a disgrace
i’m sorry the way i doubt you i love you so much
what would i do without you as my loving crutch

i hope you understand that i don’t mean what i say
when i treat you so cruel and i push you away
the good days i once had are now fading so fast
all i have left is a love lost in the past

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