I Dream of Many Heroes, a poem by Gerry Stefanson at Spillwords.com
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I Dream of Many Heroes

I Dream of Many Heroes

written & performed by: Gerry Stefanson


I dream of heroes,
ones that lived when I was a boy.
the Davy Crockett (the good one),
maybe not who really lived,
but the Walt one.

I dream of Lancelot the champion,
who saved the day.
not the one who ran away with Guinevere
and broke Arthur’s heart
and the table round.

I dream of Jim Hawkins, the lad of Treasure Island,
and kind Long John Silver.
who didn’t try to murder The Captain Smollett?
un leash Black Dog thievers of treasure.

I dream of Louis Riel, the good.
not the poor wretch they hung.
or the lonely Dumont, fortuity pardoned
not shot, not hung.
I have nightmares of Sir John eh!

I dream of Che, doctor to do the right,
for the extreme left.
who died from an attack of CIA.

I dream of many Heroes.

I dream of Nellie McClung,
the freedom she brought
the battles she won.
she marched through her time,
to give us ours.

I dream of Buffy Sainte-Marie
her words and grace.
her Universal soldier,
always haunts my space.

I dream of Red Molly,
for everything fair,
for loving James Adie,
right to Vincent 52, new her mare.

I dream a lot.

Gerry Stefanson

Gerry Stefanson

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Born and raised on the prairies of Manitoba Canada, along the Red River and just south of Lake Winnipeg. Then Alberta and ten years in the Rockies, just above Montana. The last decade in the Canadian Gulf Islands. People, ideas and stories set the stage of my poetry and writing. Music and art fill my days and verse fills my head. I feel the fortunate one and share this world with my life partner.
Gerry Stefanson

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