I Felt The Pain of War Through My Ears, poetry by Prince U.D. Tardeh at Spillwords.com
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I Felt The Pain of War Through My Ears

I Felt The Pain of War Through My Ears

written by: Prince U.D. Tardeh



I was blind to the things that unfolded during the time bullets brutally battled our bodies
But my ears suffered from the pain of my dad’s crisis experience:
“Men undressing themselves to be bulletproof,
people using their feet as cars to travel distances, and sleeping in the shades of plantain leaves” could draw blood out of my ears.

If my ears had gone deaf,
it’s the sound of the bullet that penetrated it every time he mimicked the RPG sound.

The flesh of humans that turned into meat, as if warriors were with God when he made men,
The breaking down of buildings and sleeping in the open like animals /
Dissecting pregnant mothers like the war was a medical laboratory, pierced me.

I was folded in ignorance but I felt the pain of the war through the pictures the tongue painted on my earlobes.
Now my eyes testify to the ashes of bloodshed that smokes illiteracy, drugs addiction, and underdevelopment in my motherland.

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