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What is Christmas

What is Christmas

written by: Benedict Hurley



For all those living in the shadow of war

I can’t watch the TV or listen to the Radio
It’s hard to think kindness and cheer and mistletoe
It’s hard to sit at my table with family all around
With families suffering, children dying, as our world is getting darker

I remember when I was younger and in my family home
We celebrated Christmas when it came around each year
It seemed as if the world was safer and love was all around
And everywhere you looked, Christmas filled our hearts with cheer

Now as I am older, I see the world with older, sadder eyes
Now all I see are mothers and fathers in pain as they see their children die
What is Christmas, when it brings so much pain and sorrow
What is Christmas, when our hearts are laid so low

All I can do is pray for those who suffer with such pain
I hope that one day, from deep within my soul, that peace will come again
I pray for all the lost ones and the broken hearts left behind
What is Christmas when it brings so much fear and suffering

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