I Just Remember Her, poetry by Rohma Safi at Spillwords.com
Francesco Bianco

I Just Remember Her

I Just Remember Her

written by: Rohma Safi



There is a window across the road
A glass window in a wooden frame
A little girl’s beautiful face
Imprisoned behind this heavy frame
Once I glanced at her
It seemed like a picture
But when she winked her eyes
I was craving to take one more sight
But damn the mishmash
Of dust and raindrops
The dusty window frame
hid all of her pain
The cruel raindrops
Hid her teardrops
But once I took another look
I saw like spangles in her eyes
Her tresses were kissing her neck
And her spindly fingers,
Mincingly playing with them
I saw the spangles were saying to me,
As much as you illuminate your world
You could never hide the stars
You’ll find them every night
One day I’ll be free to fly
I’ll leave the world behind
Then I’ll return gloriously
It’s nothing but an illusion
An image that imbued you
And your heart too

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