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I Remember

I Remember

written by: Jenny Cundari


Approaching the ocean with curiosity and fear.
As I dip my toes in, the waves start to rise.
Casting shadows.
I courageously lean in with trepidation.

The waves crash over me.
I am swept into the vastness; letting the waves crack my heart wide open.
I tumble, I thrash, moments of release, moments of terror, moments of confusion, and moments of grace.

I let go. I let go.
I am deeply humbled in letting go.

Between the waves, I am guided to find my breath.

My compassionate presence arises.
I see a scared little girl.
I pull her close and hold her through the waves.

As compassion grows, the grip softens.
I taste a moment of relief.
I start to see the sunlight peeking through the dark waters.

I begin to feel the warmth on my skin.
The waves calm down and settle.

Exhausted, yet grateful to still be alive.
More connected, embodied, calm, bright, and expansive.

The duality, the complexity.

I reflect.
I remember.
I remember my innocence.
I remember the loss.
I remember that I am human.
I remember who I am.
I am home.

Jenny Cundari

Jenny Cundari

Dr. Jenny Cundari is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor that spends her time between California, Costa Rica and Canada. She has training in Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Compassionate Inquiry based counseling and many other modalities of healing. Her approach extends to a particular passion for mental health and mind-body medicine. Her perspective on achieving optimal health is to restore the connection between mind and body, create balance, stimulate the healing power within and treat the underlying cause of illness.
Her personal and professional philosophy is grounded in connection and balance. Balance in the mind, body and spirit; and connection with self, others and nature. She empowers patients through knowledge to take responsibility for their own health and creates a compassionate and safe space for individuals to go deeply within. In her spare time, she loves surfing, snowboarding, dancing, music, playing the drums and spending time with loved ones.
Jenny Cundari

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