Still is Nystagmus, poetry by Petro C.K. at

Still is Nystagmus

Still is Nystagmus

written by: Petro C. K.



ponds edge
into this broken season
knees milk


voiding back home
infringe their landscape
breathless claims


acidic skeins
a different anaerobic order
their sense they eat



Influenced by surrealism and dada techniques, the poem presented here has been created in part by using predictive text.

Petro C. K.

Petro C. K.

Petro C. K. is a temporal being living in the primordial emerald landscape of the Pacific Northwest. His creative life has just recently included writing, with haiku and other short-form poetry already published in over a dozen journals. In between bouts of existential dread and listening to music that 99% of people find too weird for them, he is working on his first collection of poetry.
Petro C. K.

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