Inhaling Arcadia, written by Asceticquill at

Inhaling Arcadia

Inhaling Arcadia

written by: Asceticquill


Encased in an
ultraviolet whisper,

a crystal particle
of telepathy escapes,

this mystic siren hovering,

eddies emit a teal
effluvium blanketing
cosmic vastness.

Her surgery of
savage clemency,

sealing the
lacerated pith

of purgatory
in the
event horizon
of infantile epoch,

demarcated aspirations
pulsate clairvoyance,

to filter accelerated
growth of fetal stars.

inverted ethereal
waterfalls seep

from a deity’s
fourth ocularius,

dimensions crumble
from her kiss,

elysian lips glisten
amaranthine kaleidoscopes
of sheer hedonism,

my celestial wonder
of hypnotic delirium,

I kneel involuntarily
enthralled by the
serenity she radiates.



Just sharing rhetorical reflections.

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