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One Day I Grew Up Suddenly...

written by: Madhumita Sinha



I miss those childhood days
Times at the sunrise
Times at sunsets
Times when life was carefree
Times when I lived in fantasy
Times when I believed in fairy tales
Times when I believed the dreams come true
Times when happiness never ceased
Times when I never understood the complexities of relationships
Times when I thought I am loved by all
Times when there were no heart breaks
Times when life was all about the laughter
And then Times when I wished to grow up faster
As I thought life was great as a grown up
Suddenly one fine day I finally grew up
And realised the life is no longer the same!

Madhumita Sinha

Madhumita Sinha

Madhumita Sinha is a corporate trainer (HR professional) by profession and a poet by passion. She has contributed to various journals and magazines, both national and international. She has also published her book on poetry 'Heartbeats', 72 random beats from my heart.
Madhumita Sinha

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