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Jackal’s Crown

Jackal’s Crown

written by: Kishan Dahal



there at the highest office
he reached after a successful coup
a dumb larynx with a dry tongue
Jackal was wearing the lion’s crown;

dissonance could be seen from day one
with no brawn nor any brain
Jackal was criticised even by poor murine.

He had his packs together
the coup was successful teamwork,
with only a young cub behind
the lion was old and about to die,
and the jackal was able
to understand all this pry.

Now with cunning howls
jackal was torturing all the creatures,
the big bear was tired as well
and the fearless tiger to dwell.

there lives a big grey chimp
with his family in a tree house.
animals used to trust him,
as he was wise and grim.

with no more king lion around,
everyone was worried and down.
they decided to visit the wise chimp
seeking solutions from a honourous blimp.

Up to their curiosity
wise chimp’s answer was simple
he said to wait for the perfect time
Jackal will himself leave the crown.

The crown was made by a genius gourmand
and his curious piglets,
which gets heavier when drenched.

As the cunning jackal never knew this as well
he was busy ordering
and taking every animal down.
One rainy afternoon he went on a hunt
Wearing his crown
with his packs.

Then the crown gets drenched
as heavier it became,
Jackal was unable to bear the weight
and fell to the ground.
The lion had his young cub
who came and fought the jackal,
calling victorious!
the cub was now the new king
Making merry,
all the animals started to sing.

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