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I Wish I Could Tell You

written by: Reganhia



I could tell you I love you but my words get lost in the wind.
I could tell you I need you but my words get eaten by the birds of the spring.
I wish I could tell you that I am sorry that I left but you don't hear me whisper through the winds I use to caress your cheek.
I wish I could kiss your lips one more.
Just one more time.
Yet you don't see me as I stand and stare as I watch you walking by.
I wish I could tell you please beg me to stay but my words get blocked by the flowers that weep upon my grave.
I wish this with tears that you didn't have to be alone, but the voices got too deep and told me I needed to be home.
I am locked in this place where I cannot move on because of your cries.
Let me go. Let me stay.
I love you.



Reganhia Wright is a writer and Self Published Author of the Poetry Collection, The Heart that bleeds: A look into a Poet's heart by Reganhia Wright on Amazon.

She enjoys reading late into the night under the covers with a flashlight, writing, connecting with fellow Poets and being with family and friends. She also enjoys writing for Thought Catalog.

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