If We Could, poetry written by Luiz Syphre at Spillwords.com
Jonathan Borba

If We Could

If We Could

written by: Luiz Syphre



If We Could
turn into the seven seas
I’ll be the rivers that flow free
to deliver my every tiny sliver
to where I end and you begin
If I could flow for you

if I was a red flower
you’d be the twenty-four hours
in the first day of spring
and all the life you bring

like the baby finch
in their nest that sings
or the newborn fawn
chasing after mom at dawn
if I was your red flower

be mine as the bright moon
and cover me softly at low elevation
for I to be your high tides
sending a kiss in your direction

and even as tides have no legs
I will send all my admiration
with a standing ovation
if you were my moon

then, on the morning after
our midnight dance
I will be the Sun

on a day filled with romance
so our celestial bodies can advance
to the edge of France

once there, I would tenderly touch your lips
with my warn and rhythmic fingertips
work down, aligned with your delicious hips
and together, make our own eclipse
if I was your Sun

my darling, you are the reason
I see the back of a dark day
there is no road or way
I will not take for you to stay

you consume my every night
the answer to why I still fight
and all the reasons why this letter, I recite

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