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written by: Hank Moody



I ran my hands through her long, glorious blonde hair
remembering how gorgeous she was, standing in the beaming sunlight
She spoke to me that night; Under the light of the impressiveness of the full lavish moon
“I will always love you Andrew”
I loved her. So much.

Hearing those words was undiminished excellence to me
If only there was a way she could see; If only there was a way we could be Perfect together there Forever.
I would have given anything for that moment to be still
Locked into time forever; Just me and her, laying there eternally staring up at the starlit sky.
I loved her. So much.

The moment just had to evaporate as soon as it came
The “Heart skipping a beat moment” was gone the moment I spoke the words to her
“I Love You”
That’s all I could muster up the courage to say; We had only been dating for a brief history of 4 weeks.
I loved her. So much.

I recall the last day we spent together as clearly as I recall my first memory
My drastic memory of my mother
My life had been filled with so much torment and discomfort; there with Alexandria that day…
Though it seemed an eternity…
I loved her. So much.

She was everything I had ever dreamed of
We were young, she was much younger than I was.
If only I had been watching; I could have saved her life that day but alas
God had other plans in store for her, plans to bring her to the kingdom of heaven
I loved her. So much.

Much sooner than I believed she should have entered but she was an angel Nonetheless…
She stumbled over a rock on the ground and fell
Hitting her head on the sidewalk
I lost control of myself and checked her pulse feeling nothing I flagged down the nearest police officer on the street
I loved her. So much.

He proclaimed her dead
My tears didn’t cease to fade the full day and I just wondered why her?
I had a dream that night where Jesus Christ came to me
He explained everything to me
I loved her. So much.

They had plans for her in Heaven
I asked for the details and was told to move on; She would be happier with that He informed me
I awoke, I didn’t believe the dream was real but Alexandria was still gone
Gone from the external world I was so used to, yet in the spiritual world she was there
I loved her. So much.

She was still very much alive with me.
I could feel her with me begging, craving for me to just let her go; So I did.
I remembered that night under the starlit sky
the best night of my life but… Alas twas gone just as fast as it happened.
I loved her. So much.
I Always Will.

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