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Up And Down

Up and Down

written by: Aaron McMillan



Sinking away out of sight, I’m not in control,
Every day I have to say goodbye, it’s not by choice,
Staying above beyond my time is impossible,
Can you not hear my sad screaming voice?

It’s only you over there watching me disappear,
Why don’t you come closer, or am I too far away,
The way is easy my remaining light makes it clear,
I don’t blame you though staying in the security of the bay.

I’m getting closer to the horizon, it won’t be long now,
You should stand up on the rocks to see the last of me,
We have these last few moments together that I’ll allow,
I’ll be back for you tomorrow that much I can guarantee

Aaron McMillan

Aaron McMillan

APRIL 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Aaron McMillan was born in Darwen, Lancashire in 1983. He recently moved to Inverness, Scotland. It is in the Highlands that he began to rekindle his love of writing, visiting, various beautiful and inspiring locations. Aaron believes that everything is poetry; that everything deserves to be written about.

Aaron has been published in several poetry books; Men of Words 2015, The Poetry Anthology 2016, Ripples in Verse and The Wider View. He has also has a book published titled ''In the Highlands''.
Aaron McMillan

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