I'm A User; I Admit It by Cailey Tarriane at Spillwords.com
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I’m A User; I Admit It

I’m A User; I Admit It

written by: Cailey Tarriane



they say, hold on to unsturdy rock, and
a boat will hit
you break, and crash,

but the boat
stays afloat,
you sink,

they don’t.

they say, the harder you hold, to none more than one
unsturdy support,
you grip,
fingernails purple
they add, once gripping reaps blood to the ragged bitten lip,
your claws

will show,
scratch the surface,
for support
you need them;

they don’t.

they, the voices within the words
I take in that much,
understand this plenty, that
I’m a user,
a traitor,
a whistler,

with a hidden high note,
a husky three octaves low,
i ask them to involve me, teach me to sing three octaves down

when i can sing low,
they help me
when they sing high,

I don’t.

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