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Imaginary Girlfriend

Imaginary Girlfriend

written by: Richard Prime


My imaginary girlfriend is sweet and rather cute,
She drives a car, plays guitar and also plays the flute,
She lets me paint her fingernails and her dainty toes,
She has blue eyes and, to my surprise, a cute retroussé nose;

We go on dates
We stay out late,
We dance and sing with joy,
She’s my imaginary girlfriend,
I’m her imaginary boy;

She holds my hand, she understands all my inner fears,
She says no-one will hurt me, not while she is here!
We go for walks and long, deep talks, we picnic in the shade,
My girlfriend says she loves me, I’m the best choice she has made;

We go on dates,
She says it’s fate
That brought us both together,
She’s my imaginary girlriend,
I’m her imaginary fella;

We watch films on dvd, it’s good to know she’s there,
She doesn’t mind I trace my fingers slowly through her hair,
Although imaginary, to me she’s very real,
She calls me honey, spends no money – part of her appeal!

We go on dates,
She doesn’t rate,
The other guys at all,
She’s my imaginary girlfriend,
I’m her imaginary pal;

My girlfriend snuggles up to me and whispers in my ear
That I’m the only man for her, I have no cause to fear
She kisses me with ruby lips and then she breathes a sigh,
I have no need to worry for she’ll never say goodbye;

We go on dates,
We dance till late,
She fills my heart with joy!
She’s my imaginary girlfriend,
I’m her imaginary boy!

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